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Our Story

Family owned and operated for almost a decade, Ciao Bella brings Italy to you!

Run by husband and wife, Juan and Marisol Cortazar work hard to create a dining experience enjoyable by all. After working at their family's restaurant for over 18 years, they decided to pursue their own dreams and open Ciao Bella. Now, the duo works hard to achieve amazing food and service as Chef Juan takes care of the kitchen, and Marisol takes care of the front of the house. 

Ciao Bella promises authentic Italian dishes made of only the highest quality ingredients. Each of our dishes are made from scratch, and you will want more with each bite! 


You can’t forget your drink! Along with a full bar, The Cortazar family brings you the finest selection of wines from around the world. 

Whether it's a dinner with family and friends, a quick bite at our bar, or a call for take-out, you are always welcome with us. 

"From the entire Ciao Bella family, we wish each and every visit here a memorable one."

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